Document Management

CopyFax now provides a complete line of document management solutions featuring the iSynergy system from iDatix. CopyFax will move you into a paperless environment capitalizing on years of experience in office automation.

iSynergy is an enterprise-class, integrated information management software. It combines document and data capture, process automation, workflow, imaging, enterprise report management, and secured access in single, browser- based application. By dynamically organizing and controlling the delivery of documents and data to the workforce through an intuitive interface, the iSynergy system enables organizations to enhance their business operations, increase productivity and share information among employees, partners and customers.

Seamless Integration – Integrates with CRM, ERP, accounting, and other enterprise applications.

Security – Provides security controls down to the document level and allows management of your intellectual property.

Information Sharing and Collaboration – Allows sharing of common information among employees, customers, suppliers and partners.

Increased productivity – Provides instant access to information using automated and built in ad hoc work flows.

Reduce Costs – Eliminates inefficient manual processes and time consuming searches for documents.

Improved Customer Service – Allows immediate access to customer information to maximize the customer experience from the first call.